Focus on human microbiome to fight liver cirrhosis

22 European institutions join forces in MICROB-PREDICT to improve the prevention and treatment of chronic liver disease (cirrhosis). We aim to identify microbiome-based biomarkers and mechanisms that predict in advance when the body can no longer compensate for the dysfunctional liver (decompensated cirrhosis), when such decompensated cirrhosis will progress to acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF), and a patient’s individual treatment response. Based on such biomarkers, we strive to develop novel diagnostic tools for earlier and better patient stratification and to establish personalised and effective treatment strategies.

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EASL Studio with MICROB-PREDICT coordinator Jonel Trebicka

Tune in into today's EASL Studio on the topic: Statins in cirrhosis. The window hypothesis again, or just a closed window?

22 November 2023, live at 18:00 CET

The treatment of liver cirrhosis – currently based on symptomatic management of complications – has barely changed in last 20 years. In this episode, the experts will be discussing the use of statins, for which there is growing body of evidence of their beneficial effects in patients suffering with cirrhosis.

Faculty: Thomas Reiberger (Moderator), Juan Gonzalez-Abraldes (Faculty), Elisa Pose (Faculty), Jonel Trebicka (Faculty)
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MICROB-PREDICT explores Mass Spectrometry at University of Münster

The MICROB-PREDICT project recently visited the Central Laboratory at the University of Münster during its 10th Steering Committee Meeting. Prof. Dr. Jonel Trebicka, our project coordinator, led a tour of the Mass Spectrometry facility, providing valuable insights for the project's research. The engaging tour offered a thorough exploration of state-of-the-art technologies in Mass Spectrometry.
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MICROB-PREDICT: The project in 3 minutes

(by scientific coordinator Jonel Trebicka)