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Poster Award, 2023, Budapest


General Assembly Meeting, January 2023, Budapest/Hungary

Congratulations to Dávid Tornai (University of Debrecen) for winning the first prize of the MICROB-PREDICT Poster Award 2023.

We also would like to congratulate our other winners: Lili Meoli, KCL (2nd prize) and Giulio Rosati, ICN2 (3rd prize).

Prof. Dr. Jonel Trebicka (MICROB-PREDICT Coordinator) and Marko Korenjak (MICROB-PREDICT Impact Board) with the lucky winners (from left to right: Dávid Tornai, Lili Meoli, Giulio Rosati).

The winning poster were selected by the Impact Board members (from left to right: Jonel Trebicka, Marko Korenjak, Robert Schierwagen, Arben Merkoçi).