Strengthening interdisciplinary approaches to transform metabolic research
University of Copenhagen
Blegdamsvej 3B
2100 Copenhagen

Team Leader

Mani Arumugam (PhD)
Associate Professor for Basic Metabolic Research
Phone: +45 353 375 81
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Team Members

Prof. Torben Hansen (PhD)
Professor for Genomic Physiology and Translation
Phone: +45 205 653 01
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Helene Bæk Juel
Phone: +45 268 206 46
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Casper Sahl Poulsen
Phone: +45 301 382 27
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Vithiagaran Gunalan
Phone: +45 526 184 13
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Camila Alvarez-Silva
PhD Student
Phone: +45 528 049 41
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Institute Presentation

With over 38,000 students and more than 10,000 employees, Kobenhavns Universitet (University of Copenhagen, UCPH) is one of the largest institutions of research and education in the Nordic countries. Founded more than 530 years ago, UCPH is also one of the oldest Universities in Northern Europe. The diversity of academic environments and scientific approaches is UCPH’s distinguishing feature and strength. Within the shared framework the University is divided into six academic fields referred to as faculties.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR) was established in 2010 to conduct fundamental research on metabolism. It is a centre of excellence where talented researchers and experienced laboratory technicians are bringing scientific discoveries from the laboratory to the society in an effort to tackle some of today’s biggest challenges – diabetes and obesity. The centre has around 200 employees from all over the world.

The UCPH research team will lead WP4 in MICROB-PREDICT, for which multi-organismal host-microbial multi-omics data will be integrated towards biomarker discovery and therapeutic target identification.